Members talk about their Sponsors

I talk to my sponsor five days a week. I don’t always have something big to discuss, but consistently calling makes it easier to talk when I do. I am no longer alone with my thoughts. I am thankful!  -Becca

How I work with my sponsor:
– I call 5 days a week at a specific, set time to discuss program & my progress
-I text my food plan daily
– We live 90 minutes apart, so we meet halfway every 4-6 weeks to work on various step topics.  This is writing, reading and talking.
– I follow suggestions & we talk about willingness


I call my sponsor 3-4 times a week or whenever

I want to eat off my food plan. She helps me return to sanity.     -Kathe P.

I utilize my relationship with my sponsor by calling six to seven days a week. I report my food plan from the day before. I also identify any tenth step issues – what I might be fearful about. Many times I’ve written my tenth step so I am prepared for the call. So much support and love transpires in these calls. I am grateful.     -Justine

I use my sponsor for accountability and rigorous honesty and to remind me on a daily basis that this is a program of “we”. I am not alone. I can always reach out for help or guidance.    -Kim H.

I love having a sponsor because I can use her as a way to hear God’s
will for me. I get out of my head and my isolation by talking to her on an almost daily basis.     -Sara

When I first came into Overeaters Anonymous I didn’t know
what having a sponsor meant.  The thought of sharing my life with a stranger was very scary to me.  However, I also knew that I didn’t understand OA, didn’t understand what abstinence meant, didn’t understand what having a food plan meant or looked like.  Eventually I got a sponsor when my three meals in one day were three trips to McDonald’s.  I was pretty sure that wasn’t part of a food plan OR at least not one I wanted to have.  I got a sponsor and learned so many things about program but I mostly learned how to let someone in and to also feel unconditional love which was something that was rare in my life.  I call my sponsor regularly.  I submit my food plan daily.  I work the steps with her.  I do what she suggests even when I am resistant.

Today I am a sponsor.  I had many fears going into that as well.
But I can tell you that having sponsees only strengthens my program.  It’s an amazing gift to have someone share their life with me and to allow me to love them unconditionally.     -Laura S.

How did I choose my sponsor?  As a newcomer I looked for someone who had what I wanted – abstinence [weight loss], knowledge of working the steps and serenity.  The person I chose to be my sponsor had long term weight loss, she was involved in OA service work and despite many “challenging” circumstance she maintained an inner peace.  I cam to discover that inner peace was a reliance on her Higher Power.    -Teresa

I call my sponsor at 7:30AM. I talk through step work and anything that is bothering me.  She mirrors my program back to me and speaks program over my emotional upheaval.  I call her if i need to make an outreach call.  I talk through changes in my food plan.  She helps me clarify what changes need to be made to strengthen my recovery.            -Laura

I knew I needed a sponsor to help me understand this program, talk about my feelings, be accountable and to call when I’m feeling crazy.  Since the beginning of having a sponsor I have grown and become able to be more vulnerable and trust more.  She has been one of the most valuable parts of my recovery.       -Jaye



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