Terminal Uniqueness

I suffer from terminal uniqueness.  I fear that I am not special if I accept that I am like others.  And, in the same breath, I am so happy that I am not alone.  It’s such a dichotomy of thinking in my head.


The idea that I am somehow different than everyone else at the meetings has interfered with my recovery over the years.  It is a tricky twist of the ego.  I am so grateful for the realization that I am one among others.  I am just like others in my disease and recovery process.  It is a comfort to be like other in this regard.


For many years, I thought I was incapable of losing weight and recovering.  Everyone but me.  Through humility, awareness, prayer, and faith in the program, I realized I am NOT unique.  It works if I work it and I am honest.  It’s simple, not easy.  Occasionally I fall back into old thinking and feel like I’m different again.  It only takes a meeting, an outreach phone call, a chat with my sponsor, or a reading to get my mind right again.  I am grateful that I have a community of people just like me.

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