The wit, wisdom and human-ness of OA is captured in the sayings we share with each other at meetings like:

Easy does it.

OA Slogans

The slogans have been called the handrails to the 12 Steps.

  • One Day at a Time
  • Let Go and Let God
  • Easy Does It.
  • First things first.
  • Live and let live.
  • But for the grace of God.
  • Think think think.
  • Came in for the Vanity, Stayed for the Sanity
  • When I stopped living in the problem, the problem went away. Acceptance is the answer… AA Big Book
  • If you pray, don’t worry. If you worry, don’t pray.
  • Holding a Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
  • Expectations = Resentments under construction.
  • Release what does not bless you.
  • Imperfect but trying.
  • Progress, not perfection.
  • I don’t think less of myself, I think of myself less.
  • Sobriety is not about getting sober, it’s about staying sober.
  • Recovery = a lifetime of work. That’s why we’re given a lifetime to do it.
  • Serenity is a feeling of stability within.
  • Don’t give up until the miracle happens.

OA Member Virginia W. brought the following, MASSIVE, list to our attention. Get a cup of tea and snuggle up by the fire while you peruse this serious dose of OA & Program wisdom!


  • Abstinence frees me to choose healthy foodshealthy friends, and healthy thoughts.
  • Abstinence is a life style.
  • Abstinence is a state of grace by which I am balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Abstinence is all GOD is asking of me today.
  • Abstinence is the #1 action in my life, so that GOD can be in the center.
  • Abstinence keeps me present for life and joy.
  • Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Abstinence takes care of the fat on my body.
  • My abstinence becomes three meals a day with “life” in between.
  • Remember: GOD has done abstinence for us.
  • Since abstinence; my only “To Do List” is life!
  • The only time I have ever been satisfied is when I am abstinent.
  • To be or not to be abstinent? That is the question.  GOD is the answer.
  • To keep abstinence alive, I have to be constantly aware of it.
  • When we are abstinentwe can truly be present for other people who are in pain.


  • GOD = Good Orderly Direction
  • GOD= Group ODrunks
  • GOD= Gift ODesperation
  • FEAR = F— Everything And Run, OR
  • FEAR = Face Everything And Recover
  • FEAR is not fact!
  • SHIT = Special High Intensity Thinking
  • Full of Food vs. Full of God
  • Spread the message not the mess.
  • AM vs. FM Dial ?  Is my dial Against Me or For Me?
  • Let go or get dragged.
  • The ISM of alcoholism = ISelf Me
  • The ISM of alcoholism = Insane Story Machine
  •  ACT myself into ways of thinking.
  • Disease feeds the disease.
  • Isolation is the dark room where I develop my negatives.
  • Tough shit. Don’t eat!
  • Together we get better.
  • Head Trip = my head, thoughts, and unfinished issues that lead me to food.
  • Life becomes more than food.
  • Food is fuel. It is not my lover or friend.
  • Before 12 Step Recovery, I was a piece of shit that the world revolved around.
  • Being right is not as important as being FREE!
  • The less I come to OA Meetings, the less I want to come.
  • There are two times when you go to an OA Meeting: when you want to and when you do not want to!
  • Don’t believe everything you think!
  • Focus less on food and more on people.
  • How I feel about my body has nothing to do with how I look.
  • When the pain of where I am, overwhelms the fear of where I am going; then, I am ready and willing to grow and change is OA.


  • God’s will is a loving thought and a loving action.
  • GOD is more powerful than _________________________! ! !
  • Don’t tell GOD how big your problems are, tell your problems how big GOD is.
  • GOD, if you can put the stars in the sky with the sweep of your hand; then, maybe, You can help me with my compulsive eating.
  • Wait on GOD! And, GOD will bless your weight.
  • I no longer serve GOD in an advisory capacity.
  • GOD is interested in how I trust GOD not in what I weigh.
  • GOD has great plans for us; and it is not having our heads in the toilet.
  • It is not in finding GOD or in naming GOD; but in pursuing GOD.
  • I need a practical GOD that will come between me and the food.
  • Resentment is a deadly hazard.
  • The alcoholic clings to the times when alcohol used to work.
  • Coincidence is our Higher Power remaining anonymous.
  • If you feed your faith, doubts will starve.
  • OA is not drive-through recovery!
  • The key to the future is forgiveness.
  • OA Recovery has given me a relationship with The Mystery of Life!
  • Impression Management   vs. honesty with GODself and others.
  • The ME version of the Serenity Prayer:God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change
    the courage to change the people I can 
    and the Wisdom to know that the people is me.


  • SUGAR is like a grenade.
  • SUGAR is the vampire of the spirit.
  • SUGAR is like adultery; it betrays you and everyone else.
  • I do not eat paint, Styrofoam or SUGAR! I do not envy those who do.
  • I do not drink alcohol because it is highly refined SUGAR!
  • It is not fruits or carrots that brought us to OA!


  • Compulsive eating is an equal opportunity disease.
  • In OA, my job is to serve other people.
  • Before OA, there was never enough to satisfy me; in OA, abstinence satisfies me now.
  • Through OA Recovery, I experience more days of grace.
  • OA allows me to “be”.
  • In OA, we leave the results to GOD.
  • My life must illustrate OA Recovery.
  • Before OA, I had a hole in my soul not a whole soul.
  • Before OA, I was constantly engaged in the “pursuit of never enough”.
  • Being right is not as important as being FREE!
  • OA has taught me how to keep company with my feelings rather than eat over them.
  • My old life before OA, depended upon hanging onto my defects and my old survival skills.
  • Find the blessings in this disease through the OA Fellowship.
  • In OA, I am learning to take care of myself and others.
  • Before OA, I had a head full of knowledge and a heart full of nothing.
  • Codependency was a sport in my family.
  • I need boundaries around food or I would bury myself alive with food.
  • OA is a camaraderie and fellowship among people who understand.
  • OA Meetings keep us connected to our own kind.
  • FOOD kept me neutral so I would not feel pain or joy.
  • The honesty is healing me.
  • The old solution before OA was to feed the voice.
  • OA is not drive-through recovery.
  • The less I come to OA Meetings, the less I want to come!
  • When I want to eat between meals, then, something is going on; and it is not hunger.
  • The mental twist is what leads to the first compulsive bite.
  • queer mental condition surrounds the first compulsive bite.
  • To pass it on to others plays an important role and a vital part in our own recovery.
  • Courage and compassion are needed when I miss the mark.
  • OA is the bright spot of our lives:
    • we watch loneliness vanish,
    • we see the fellowship grow,
    • we have frequent contact with newcomers,
    • we carry the message of hope and recovery; and
    • we help when no one else can!

Don’t See Your Favorite OA Nugget?

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