1. What tool do you use the most? Why?
  2. What tool do you use the least? Why? 
  3. How can you start to use this tool more in your life?
  4. What does the idea of 12-stepping a problem mean for you?
  5. What is the hardest part about using the steps and tools when problems arise in your life that aren’t related to compulsive eating behaviors?
  6. How can you use “think, act, pray” to tackle a struggle or problem in your life?
  7. How do I express my faith and trust in my Higher Power in my daily life?
  8. How often do I make fear based decisions and what can I do to minimize them?
  9. How do I use program to approach tasks or situations that I’d rather avoid?
  10. How do I express acceptance and love for others in my daily life?  Do I still judge, attempt to fix or point out others’ mistakes?
  11. How do I nurture hope and positivity, turning away from fear and negative thinking?

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